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what are the ingredients for this story?

Take a strong female voice and a protagonist lost in a world too large for her; add experimental sequences, a helping of magical realism, a strong sense of place, and a dash of whimsy. Then you’ll come close to the story of sexual discovery, art, and the search for identity that is And How She...

creative vision

My work pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling with unique videos that play with the capabilities of the medium. I have been known to build special 3D sculpture screens for my work, convert a theater into a massive under-bed world, choreograph dancers to partner with split-screen duplicates of themselves, and make music out of old radiators. Ultimately I experiment within the medium and then apply these techniques to stories that are emotionally accessible, stories which can be respected for their adroit writing and complex characters.

In And How She.., these experimental techniques enrich the narrative, add to the sense of magic, and augment the art that the protagonists create.    This film should feel like a living piece of art.

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